Wood Between the Worlds

"Knock,knock. Mr Criminal? Hey, my name is Spider-Man. You can call me Web-Head, you can call me Amazing, just don’t call me late for dinner. You get it?"

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Miniature filming for the BBC Doctor Who Episode ‘Trial of a Timelord’ -

Yes kids, this was how it was all done before CGI (though lots of movies & TV still does use miniatures)

p.s. ply spot the button in the 4th picture.

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I’ve been waiting my whole life for this gifset

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Did you know the muses in Hercules have names?
Calliope, Thalia
Melpomene, Clio, and Terpsichore. (inspired by x)

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Is he... dead?



If you’re a Doctor Who fan and not listening to the Big Finish audio plays, then you’re really missing out. I’m just sayin’.

Don’t question. Just listen.

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