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Before and After Video Effects – Movies

Let us take a moment to appreciate all the effects people who create these things and the actors who make you believe them.

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Photos by Dana Dunham.
Dana traveled with the band for a week in 2004, documenting our dat-to-day life on tours in the van, from a photo shoot in Gloucester,MA, to a gig at The Middle East, a performance at Copley Plaza, to Wesleyan University, to a show in NYC.

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I know I’m not the only one who does this but you know when you have this like boundary around you when you’re sitting at a table or a desk that only you are allowed to be in 


And then someone or something that isn’t yours


gets in that space


and you just







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Themyscira: Returning Home 

After dreaming about bringing Warrior Wonder Woman to life for years, this shoot at the Palace of Fine Arts feels like the zenith of the project. The setting was perfect, the weather beautiful, and the photographer - Andrew Ho - incredibly talented. I actually felt like an Amazon at home on Themyscira. 

You can read my costume construction notes for Warrior Wonder Woman here

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First Look at “Warrior Wonder Woman”

I can’t believe the stars aligned and I finished this costume in time to debut at SOFA 2012 in Bogota, Colombia.

Inspired by an original design artist Tess Fowler and I collaborated on, the concept draws from several iterations of Wonder Woman throughout the years, peppered with original elements. While I adore Linda Carter’s version of Wonder Woman (“In your satin tights, fighting for your rights!”), I’ve always preferred the first lady of comics as a warrior. An Amazon. A total BAMF. We’ll debut the full illustration at a later date! 

I’ll also put together extensive build notes and credits soon, but a huge shout out goes to Thomas Ignatius, who’s been my leatherworking mentor over the last few months. I constructed all of the costume (armor, props, skirt, belt, and so on) aside from the corset. Having never made one this complex, Tom and I knocked out the corset over a very long day, with me playing assistant. His incredible skill with leather shines through in the shape and fit of it. Perfect. I then took the corset home detailed it with the eagle crest, rivets, and dirt/blood.

Also, a side thank you to God Save the Queen Fashions, who inspired me to try my hand at leather working!

Hope you like the photos! More to come later tonight

Photo by OnLivo

Psst. Nergerhl. I think you might want to take a looksee.

I just think this cosplay looks better.

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Batman Vs. Superman - Dawn Of Justice - No Fun Allowed

Seriously, someone needs to tell DC that their comic book characters are supposed to be the fun ones. Not melodramatic and dark and gritty.

Nothing about this franchise is exciting me.